Facebook members have been seeing ads in the News Feed for quite some time now. In fact, they now make up five percent of total stories. Although there was some initial nervousness regarding consumer feedback, it appears that most people are satisfied with the integration.

During Facebook’s second-quarter earnings call yesterday, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg stated, “We haven’t seen a meaningful drop in satisfaction when we ask people about their experience with Facebook, compared to responses to the same question asked of people using a version of Facebook without News Feed ads.”

The News Feed is the most popular destination on the social network, and with 1.15 billion monthly active users, making sure consumers are satisfied with advertising methods is critical. Just yesterday it was revealed that Facebook plans to get to the bottom of why people choose to hide ads.

Other second-quarter milestones worth noting include the rise in local businesses with Facebook Pages, which increased from 16 million at the end of the first quarter to nearly 18 million. Additionally, there’s now more than 1 million local businesses advertising on the platform, which is more than double last year’s total. This not only shows the amount of value businesses are placing on social media, but it also challenges companies to stand out from the competition.

Mobile has also climbed up in terms of popularity for both members and advertisers. As of June 30th, there are 819 million mobile monthly active users — that’s a 51 percent increase year over year. Mobile-only monthly active users reached 219 million; however, since that data isn’t broken down geographically, it’s difficult to determine whether growth is national or from developing markets.

Despite that, it was a good quarter in terms of growth, and the numbers look very promising for brands and advertisers — especially those interested in News Feed ads and mobile.

[Via: Inside Facebook, AllFacebook, Image credit: Adam Fagen]