Advertisers can now customize the headlines of their Like Ads within Facebook’s sidebar.

Unlike Standard Ads, which link outside the social network, Like Ads are designed to drive traffic to a Facebook Page, App, or Event. Previously you were limited to using the name of the Page, app, or event you were promoting.

Now, the social network enables you to create custom headlines. All of these ads can have unique titles up to 25 characters, giving you more opportunity to craft attention-grabbing ads. The updated option will be available within the API, Power Editor, and self-serve ad tool.

Earlier this month, Facebook introduced a simpler way to create Like Ads directly from your Page’s admin panel. At this time, it isn’t clear whether you will be able to customize your headline from the admin panel.

It appears that this functionality is still being rolled out. If you don’t see it yet, check back in a few days. Once you’re able to, it’s recommended that you test variations with different audiences in order to optimize your campaigns.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Steven Depolo]