What if there was a powerful way to boost your Facebook marketing efforts? What if you could offer your followers gated content to encourage signups and generate leads all from within Facebook?

You can do this and more with Facebook Lead Generation Ads.

What Is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a marketing process where you capture interest in your products and services. It is a way to take a target audience from an introduction to your products and services, and guide them through your sales funnel.

For any business to survive and thrive it needs customers. Buyers are the heart of your business and lead generation is a way for you to engage more of them. A lead is someone who has already shown interest in your company. This means that they are already warmed up to you a bit. No cold calls here.

facebook lead generation

The first step of any relationship is the initial attraction. With online marketing, that attraction is likely due to your social media profiles and the content you put out. Once you’ve sparked the initial attraction, leads can then be converted into a customer.

Facebook lead generation ads are a way for you as an advertiser or business owner to collect information from your potential customers and “warm” them up.

Why Facebook Advertising?

The lead generation options are numerous, so why Facebook?

Facebook has over 1.7 billion monthly active users. That is a huge opportunity for you to share your business and services. Whatever business you are in, it is likely that all or at least a large portion of your audience is using the network.

Aside from having a huge, engaged audience, Facebook also makes lead generation super easy for you and your potential customers. You have an advertising dashboard and plenty of resources to get help when needed. Your followers can opt-in to your offers without ever leaving the platform. Facebook will also populate the user’s info for them, making filling out the forms effortless.

Let’s have a closer look.

Facebook Lead Generation Ads: 101

Facebook will give you design recommendations to help you get started creating your ads. You’ll be required to link to your company’s privacy policy when creating your ad, so be sure to have that prepared. This policy makes sure that you know you are not allowed to sell customer’s information and informs you on question restrictions.

You will also need a Facebook Fan Page to begin creating lead generation ads. A Facebook Fan Page is different from your personal profile. Learn the difference here.

Creating an Effective Ad

An effective Facebook lead generation ad will have these elements:

  • An engaging and relevant image: 1,200 x 628 pixels
  • Irresistible headline: 25 characters in length
  • Text explaining your offer: 90 characters
  • Description for news feed: 30 characters (make them count)
  • A clear call to action: what you want viewers to do

To view the anatomy of a great Facebook ad, see Facebook Ad Examples That Convert.

Setting up Ads

To begin setting up your ad in Facebook, head over to the Facebook Ads Manager. From here you can choose your marketing objective which in this case is lead generation.

facebook lead generation

Enter a campaign name and click continue. From here you will have the opportunity to select what fan page you want to use for the ad and define your audience. You will need to accept Facebook’s terms for each page you choose.

Facebook has a handy meter to let you know if your audience is specific enough or too broad.

Facebook Ads Audience

You can also choose if you would like your ad to appear on mobile, desktop or both. Set your budget, schedule and add an ad set name.

Continue to the next screen and choose between a single photo or video, or multiple. The multiple option is great if you have a series of products or want to tell a story with your images.

Facebook Ads Format

Then all you need to do is add your text, call-to-action and create your lead form.

create facebook lead generation form

Facebook allows you to ask for a variety of information. Keep in mind the more information you ask for the less likely people will be to complete the entire form. For example, Neil Patel tested this theory by removing one field from his opt-in form and saw an increase in conversions by 26%.

facebook lead form questions

You can also ask your own questions if you want more in-depth responses. This is a good option for businesses using Facebook lead generation ads for sales. For instance, a roofing company might want to know the details of a project.

Facebook Lead Form Ask Questions

Once you complete your form, Click “Review Order” to make sure your ad will appear as you wish and be sure to proofread your text. Simply click “Place Order” once you are ready to publish your ad.

Why Your Facebook Ads Could Fail

Facebook makes running ads a fairly straightforward process and you can always contact customer service if you have questions. Aside from the technical side of ads, there are some broader reasons your ad campaign could fail:

1. Not Knowing Your Target Audience

Your ad is destined to fail if you do not know your target audience. If the visuals and text of your ad appeals to women in their 30s, but your products are aimed at men in their 50s, it is just not going to work. You need to know your audience and what they want in order to create an offer that is appealing to them.

2. Not Having a Strong Offer

This goes with knowing your audience. If you offer a lengthy PDF in exchange for signups when your audience really only watches video, you are not going to generate the leads you desire. Check your site’s analytics and look over your most popular posts. What type of content is your audience responding to? Create your offer and ad accordingly.

In this Facebook lead generation ad, Salesforce did a great job creating an offer for businesses that currently aren’t using a CRM.

Salesforce Facebook Lead Generation Ad

3. Not Setting the Right Budget

Facebook advertising is often a very cost-effective way to market. But your return on investment will depend on many factors. Knowing your audience and presenting a strong offer will go a long way in helping you reach your goals. Your ad budget will depend on your goals, but $10 a day is a good starting point to test. Continue to test and adjust to get the most out of your ads. Remember, it is not a failure if you are learning along the way.

How To Make Your Ads Succeed

Now that you know how your ads could fail, how can you make them succeed? There are no guarantees but here are some things that can help:

Customer Relationship Management System

What are you going to do with those leads once you capture them? The point of capturing leads is to grow your business and sell more products and services. Not to just hold a bunch of names captive on a list.

Having a customer relationship management (CRM) system in place will help you nurture and follow-up with the leads that you capture. There are many options available online. Do some research to find one that fits your needs and budget. Facebook allows you to download your leads, but some CRMs are integrated.

Sprout has social CRM features to help you keep the conversation going with your leads on social media.

reply in twitter through sprout inbox

Follow-up or Your Autoresponder

Hopefully Facebook will start making it easy to directly import your leads into your autoresponder. But you may have to do this manually for now.

Before you capture leads and add them to your autoresponder, you need to come up with a follow-up plan. Make your follow-up series relevant to the ad you sent out. If you offered a discount make sure your list receives it. Draw people deeper into your company.

Use in Combination With Inbound Marketing

An effective marketing strategy uses a combination of tactics. Make sure you are posting consistently on your social media channels, creating valuable content, and nurturing your list. Use Facebook lead generation as one aspect of your overall marketing strategy. If your leads never hear from you or see you active across platforms, they are not likely to stay with you.

From understanding how Facebook lead generation works, to learning how to create your ads and avoid the pitfalls, we have covered a lot. If you are just starting out, learn what you can and take it step by step. But do not be afraid to jump in and try out Facebook’s advertising features. Often the best way to learn is to do.