Although only a little over a month has gone by since Facebook introduced its mobile-only advertising option, initial reports suggest that Android users are more likely to take action on your Page than iPhone users.

The Facebook ads optimization company TBG Digital tested 698,996 impressions for a leading U.S. retailer over the course of one week. Data revealed that the clickthrough rate on Android devices was nearly 55 percent higher than on iPhones.

Android’s clickthrough rate was 1.303 percent compared to iPhone’s 0.843 percent. Cost-per-clicks on iPhone were 35 percent more than Android. Additionally, the conversion rate — or the percentage of people who clicked an ad and then Liked the Page — was also 12 percent higher on Android.

Optimal, another Facebook ad services company, found similar results. The company saw between 10 and 55 percent higher clickthrough rates on Android compared to the iPhone. Conversion rates ranged from 28 and 109 percent higher for Android. Cost per fan jumped to about 52 percent more on iPhone.

During the study, Optimal also found that Android users took additional actions, such as viewing photos, Liking posts, and commenting — something iPhone users did little of.

It’s unclear whether these differences are due to the mobile devices or the people using them. It could be suggested that running separate campaigns for Android and iPhone users will likely be more effective than targeting all mobile devices.

However, before you go changing your strategy, keep in mind that this ad offering is still relatively new, and the results from these tests should be discussed with your entire marketing and advertising teams.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: svensonsan]