According to Facebook marketing and advertising agency SocialCode, the driving force behind Facebook’s high ad clickthrough rate is women.

To get a better understanding of how age and gender affect Likes and clickthrough rates, SocialCode examined more than 4 million data points across over 50 clients from a variety of industries.

Both men and women Like brands equally, but women are 11% more likely to click on the ad before committing to liking it.

“Older women seem to want to investigate a little more before they hit click the Like button,” said Laura O’Shaughnessy, CEO of SocialCode. “Women are active on Facebook. They tend to vote and fill out purchase information, but given that trend, we don’t see them click Like in the ad.”

For women, the clickthrough rate is 31.2% higher for the 50+ age group versus 18-29 year olds. Men only see a 16.2% difference between the age groups.

The research also showed that 18-29-year-olds tend to Like brands 9% more than the 30-plus crowd. On ads with a Like button, older users are 28.2% more likely to click through to the website.

The interest in Facebook as an ad medium is expected to rise. This is a good thing for advertisers since the social network now boasts more than 750 million users. Having a better understanding of consumer behavior will certainly aid in the creation of new campaigns.

[Via: Adweek, Image credit: Ray_from_LA]