Just three weeks after launching Custom Audience ads, businesses are reporting increased clicks and conversions, reduced costs, and notable return on investments (ROIs).

Custom Audience ads offer you a chance to connect with existing customers by targeting email addresses, phone numbers, or user IDs you collected off of Facebook.

The social network studied two e-commerce companies. The first, which wasn’t named, was able to increase its sign-up rate by 43 percent and reduce cost-per-lead by 30 percent, just from targeting its email list. OpenSky, the second company, saw a 30 percent better conversion rate.

Ad agency SocialCode revealed that one Custom Audience campaign resulted in a 15 percent lower cost per fan. Another delivered three times as much engagement per post as standard ads and received twice as many viral engagements, such as Likes, shares, and comments.

It’s too soon to tell whether Custom Audience ads will be more effective long-term than email and more traditional marketing campaigns, but it’s clearly off to a good start.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: JD Hancock]