In my experience working with and for agencies, what rises to the surface during times of challenge is as varied as the areas of expertise in that agency: staying up on current trends and technology, keeping a full pipeline of new business or building bigger client retainers, finding and keeping talent on-staff… the list goes on.

But one thing that comes up that may surprise those not familiar with our industry (or who have spent most of their time on the client-side)—a huge focus for agencies is finding fit.

Agencies & Clients Need to Find Fit

Whether that’s in terms of finding fit in budget size or project scope—or it’s seeking out internal stakeholders and client teams that can match temperament and work style—most client relationships are not much different from what makes any relationship successful.

What’s less surprising is that clients want the same thing.

As project owner, day-to-day contact for agency workers, or member of an internal team that’s dependent on an agency’s output—roles all of which I’ve filled—fit is what makes or breaks project or overall campaign success.

Clients want fit. Agencies want fit. There’s balance in the need.

We know that a mismatch in the relationship between an agency and a client, regardless of who is at fault, means an end to the work.

So what can Sprout do to connect the two?

A Two-Sided Equation With an X Factor

When we look at how we can help our varied set of customers level-up their social strategies and marketing campaigns, both agencies and businesses from the startup to the enterprise are looking for and can provide tools to help the other.

We’ve got the supply of agencies.

And our customers from the startup to the enterprise have the demand.

So how do they find each other? And how do they prioritize fit and getting to know each other before all else?

We hope to help answer these questions with the Agency Partner Directory: a resource for agencies to tell their story and be discoverable by potential clients.

The Agency Partner Directory is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes who want to:

  • Level up their social strategy.
  • Work with a partner on day-to-day management of social campaigns, using the full power of the Sprout Social platform.
  • Match with agencies who not only provide social media services and expertise, but a wide variety of marketing services, like content marketing, branding, SEO, paid social, and other digital marketing services.

Why Work With a Sprout Partner?

We know that clients are looking for the right fit and a level of trust. And all of our Sprout-certified partners are not only ready and willing to help them build better campaigns, but they have access to a host of resources and the full functionality of the Sprout platform to help keep their social strategy on the cutting edge.

So whether existing Sprout customers want to work with a trusted resource for their strategies outside of social, or a business wants to use Sprout but needs an agency with whom they can partner on strategy or day-to-day management—the Agency Partner Directory helps you find or get matched with a solution.

Check out our certified agency partners today.

And if you’re an agency interested in becoming a certified agency partner to be found by prospective clients, you can find out more information about the Agency Partner Program and reach out to us today.