Instagram Pod

An Instagram Pod is a collection of Instagram users who share posts with each other with the goal of increasing engagement. Instagram Pods have gained in popularity for users who want to outsmart the Instagram Algorithm, including recent changes in the algorithm to show posts that are newer and have more engagement at the top of feeds first.

How Do Instagram Pods Work?

Instagram Pods typically operate using group chats on Instagram’s direct message feature and message each other when they have a new post. Once alerted to your new post, Instagram Pod members like, comment, save or share the post. The big aim of these groups is to encourage outside users to engage with these posts once they see people have already commented, shared, etc. these posts.

What Content Can I Share in an Instagram Pod?

Content sent as a message on Instagram Direct include:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Posts found on feeds
  • Profiles
  • Text

Pod members can post a link to their website or include an image they want others to share on their accounts.

How Many People Can Join an Instagram Pod?

There is a max limit of 15 people in one Instagram Direct group chat.

How Do I Find an Instagram Pod to Join?

Before joining an Instagram Pod, look at accounts that are in the same field, industry or niche and have a similar audience to yours. This will help ensure shared posts are relevant to your target audience’s interests and those of your Instagram Pod members. One way to find like-minded accounts is to search Instagram for your most used hashtags. There are also group pages on other social media networks, such as Facebook, that are dedicated to helping accounts find Instagram Pods.

Some Instagram Pod groups have restrictions or requirements to join and post in their chats. Review the pod’s rules before messaging the group leader or admin and requesting to join the group. These can include limits on frequency of posts from individual members, types of desired engagement (comments as opposed to likes, for example) and requirements to follow members of the group.

Pros of Instagram Pods

Some of the pros to using Instagram Pods include:

  • Higher engagement. Since pod members have an agreement to interact with each other’s posts, engagement metrics such as likes and comments will likely increase.
  • More reach. The advantage of Instagram Pods is the visibility you will get on other accounts, growing your reach and impressions among your shared audience or market.
  • Curated/shared content. Rather than creating new content all the time, you have more options to share content found in the group chat. You also save time curating content and can repost quickly because you know you have the content owner’s permission.
  • Free to join. If you don’t count man hours spent engaging with other posts, there is usually no cost to be part of an Instagram Pod.