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PA, United States of America
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About Godfrey

Ask any Godfrey person, and they’ll tell you: We love marketing complex industries more than any other agency in the world. After all, complex industries make the world work better.

But there’s a problem. On the corporate side, B2B marketers have way more complexity than they know what to do with. They’re constantly absorbing old roles and picking up new responsibilities. But their customers usually have it even worse.

Every day, a new marketing trend springs up to solve this problem, but most marketers don’t have the time to keep up. That’s where Godfrey comes in.

We understand the client’s industry, so we’ll sync up with their team right away. And that ever-changing toolbox of marketing practices? We get that too. So we can engineer an experience that feels just right for each and every customer. Then, we fill that experience with stories that really mean something in their complex industrial space.

So we get the complexity we love, our clients get the extended team they need and customers get a simple experience that leads them straight to the client’s brand.


• Built Environment

• Chemicals

• Heavy Equipment

• Manufacturing

• Material Handling

• Life Sciences

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