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The Massive Cost of Inefficient Marketing Processes

A webinar with tips to help you become a more efficient marketer.


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Webinar Details

B2B organizations waste 25 cents of every dollar on inefficient content production—adding up to a staggering $958 million each year. Join Anne Murphy, Senior Managing Editor of Kapost, and Nate Turner, Online Marketing Director at Sprout Social, to gain insights into how to get your team to work better, faster.

Among Many Things, You Will Learn How to:

  • Overcome efficiency roadblocks.
  • Align content to target your audiences.
  • Create repeatable workflows.
  • Build your team calendar.

The Presenters

Anne Murphy

Senior Managing Editor

Anne dedicates many of her working hours to planning, creating and distributing marketing content and using Kapost’s software to build the processes that make awesome content possible. In the other hours of the day, she’s usually sneaking puns into blog posts and begging someone to bring her a chocolate chip cookie. @AMurphias

Nate Turner

Online Marketing Director
Sprout Social

Nate leads the acquisition marketing team at Sprout Social, a social media management and engagement platform for business. When he’s not finding new ways to scale growth, he enjoys woodworking, watching Alaska TV shows and spending time with his family. Find him on Twitter @npturner