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Engaging Customers Through Content, Contests & Community Building


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Social media is not just a place to pump out promotional brand content. Relevant, interactive social experiences capture attention, cut through the clutter and make people part of a greater conversation. As marketers it’s our job to guide, inspire and empower people to share, offer feedback and participate in enhancing our brands’ stories through community building.

Join the experts at leading social software companies Sprout Social and Offerpop for a conversation all about getting your customers engaged on social, including the best ways to use content and contests to activate communities around the world.

We’ll walk through real life examples of brands that have seen success and you’ll learn how to:

  • Create campaigns, contests and conversations that facilitate engagement.
  • Build dimensional and long-lasting relationships with your engaged following.
  • Leverage social media to understand and even guide brand perception.

The Presenters

Andrew Caravella

VP of Strategy and Brand Engagement
Sprout Social

Andrew Caravella is Vice President of Strategy and Brand Engagement at Sprout Social. He likes being on airplanes, spinning to the beat at SoulCycle and Roger Federer. Find him on Twitter: @andrewcaravella

Jeff Soriano

Sr. Director, Demand Gen

Jeff Soriano is a Marketing expert with over 10+ years of experience. He has led several strategic initiatives to develop go-to-marketing positioning and demand strategies for both emerging and established organizations. His work has resulted in generating overwhelming demand, and awareness, for the products and solutions of the companies he has worked for.