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5 Best Practices for Integrating Organic and Paid Social Media Strategies

How to integrate your organic and paid social media strategies.


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Social media networks are powerful channels for online advertisers. They can be used as a free tool to find and engage with customers, or as a paid tool to generate leads, traffic and overall revenue. But how can they be used together?

There’s a good chance that your brand is already leveraging social media for your marketing efforts, but have you ever expanded into any paid promotions? If you haven’t given paid social media marketing a strategy yet, this recorded webinar sessions could be for you.

Take a look at this recorded webinar with Greg from AdRoll and Andrew from Sprout Social as they discuss both organic and paid social media strategies, and check out their five actionable tips on how to effectively combine the two. Among other things, you’ll learn how to:

  • Create one cohesive brand voice for social media
  • Connect the dots between paid and organic KPIs
  • Increase organic ROI with paid segmentation

The Presenters

Andrew Caravella

VP of Strategy and Brand Engagement
Sprout Social

Andrew Caravella is Vice President of Strategy and Brand Engagement at Sprout Social. He likes being on airplanes, spinning to the beat at SoulCycle and Roger Federer. Find him on Twitter: @andrewcaravella

Gregory Kennedy

Director of Content

Gregory Kennedy is Director, Content Marketing at AdRoll, the world's most widely used retargeting platform. He has over a decade of experience in digital media and advertising. Prior to AdRoll, Gregory was the Senior Vice President of Marketing for TapSense. Find him on Twitter @IAmGKennedy