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Banishing Scope Creep: How to Scale Your Agency’s Social Offering Without Blowing the Budget

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If you offer digital marketing services to clients, it’s important to be picky as you consider new services to layer in. But how do you ensure this new service isn’t just sticky, but also scalable? And how can you make it happen without investing an overwhelming amount of time and resources upfront?

Hear from Luke Reynebeau – Channel Marketing Manager at Sprout Social – and Anne Christensen – Director of Social Media at Lead to Conversion – on how layering social media into your client services mix can help you forge deeper relationships—without an overwhelming investment in staff or agency overhead. Join this session to learn:

  • Why social deepens client relationships
  • How to define, price and package your social media offering
  • Ways to implement technology and workflows that enhance client interactions and scale your efforts without breaking the bank

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The Presenters

Anne Christensen

Director of Social Media
Lead to Conversion

Anne Christensen is the Director of Social Media at Lead To Conversion. She is a social media geek from Cleveland, Ohio (Go Tribe!) who loves analytics and her family. Fun fact: Anne has been on Twitter longer than 98% of the current accounts. Find her on Twitter: @AnneKnows

Luke Reynebeau

Sr. Manager, Partner Marketing
Sprout Social

As Senior Manager of Partner Marketing at Sprout Social, Luke works with digital and social marketing agencies across the globe and Sprout’s social network partners to raise the bar for how we connect and collaborate through social media. Find him on Twitter: @LukeReynebeau