An instant hit on iOS and Android, Vine is finally releasing a version of its six-second video sharing app for Windows Phone.

Released in January, Vine initially began as a video editing tool that let you string together multiple clips to create a six second looping video. Since then, the company has launched several tools that allow more precise editing.

Almost identical to the versions on other platforms, the Vine app on Windows Phone offers access to all of the same features as iOS and Android, including Ghost and TimeTravel. The app also introduces some exclusive Windows Phone features, such as the ability to pin favorite accounts to the home screen.

Additionally, the new version takes advantage of Windows Phone’s lenses, which bring all of the features within the phone’s built-in camera to image capture within the app. It also lets you use Pivots — a feature that provides a quick way to manage views — to jump between other apps.

Since its launch, Vine has been used by brands to create entertaining and engaging marketing videos. Some companies have even used the app to create helpful customer service videos. For example, Lowe’s has focused on sharing information, knowing that its audience is made up of people who are working on repairs or DIY projects.

Expanding to Windows Phone not only welcomes a new group of creators, but it also means that your videos will be seen and engaged with by a wider audience. Although Microsoft’s mobile OS is behind iOS and Android, it still commands significant attention from select markets, most notably Latin America.

Although it was announced on Vine’s blog today, the download link doesn’t appear to be live yet.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: Paul Stocker]