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Maximize the Value of Your Social Media Video Content [Free Workbook]

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Video is only getting more important on social. In fact, 66% of consumers think short-form video is the most engaging type of content, according to the Sprout Social Index™. It makes sense—social media video content is a highly effective way to hook your target audience and demonstrate your brand’s personality.

Here’s the good news: With more platforms providing editing tools and consumers’ appetite for authentic, low-fi content on the rise, video creation is only getting more scalable.. But you still need to make sure you’re getting the most out of single video assets. 

This guide and worksheet will help you extend the life and value of a branded video by turning it into: 

  • Teasers to build excitement and pique your audience’s interest
  • Short clips to tell a powerful portion of your story 
  • GIFs to engage with your community
  • Templated quotes so the most salient points speak for themselves
  • Behind-the-scenes and blooper reels to show the human side of your brand

Not sure how to get started? Use this worksheet with fill-in-the-blanks, checklists and content ideas as your guide. It includes prompts to inspire your video story, examples of how to spin your video into something new for social and content strategy tips for pre- and post-launch.

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