Remember how we said that hashtags are becoming more mainstream? Today Vine introduced trending hashtags to its Explore section, making it easier for members to discover more content.

“Since launch, there have been a ton of awesome, creative posts that don’t always make it to the popular sections,” wrote Colin Kroll, Vine co-founder and CTO. “In many cases, these posts include a hashtag that the community is using.”

The app now includes trending hashtags, which display the fastest-rising hashtags on Vine. The company noted that while they represent those that have moved up quickly in popularity, they aren’t necessarily the hashtags with the most posts.

Hashtag support, while unsurprising considering Vine’s relationship with Twitter, further demonstrates the growing popularity of the symbol. It also says something about Vine’s growth, which has increased by 1,300 percent since last month, according to StartupStats.

In terms of use, not much has changed for brands. In fact, you don’t even have to download an update to see the new Trending section. Simply navigate to the Explore tab, scroll down, and hashtag topics will appear. If anything, you now have more incentive to pair a hashtag with your six-second video as it could aid in its discovery among Vine’s user base.

This is the second update the video-sharing app has put out in two weeks. Last Friday, Vine announced that the videos you create can now be embedded across the web. Having already garnered a lot of interest from major brands, Vine seems to be on its way to becoming a valuable tool among marketers.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Vine]