Twitter updated its Vine app for iOS just in time for the long holiday weekend. The latest version includes a redesigned camera and new categories for different vine genres. But the most important new feature, especially for brands using the app, is the ability to revine people’s existing Vines.

Last month, Vine co-founders turned to the video-sharing app to give people a sneak peek of upcoming features and design changes. This week’s update brings some much-asked-for features to the service, and also improves your ability to gain followers and get noticed within the app.

Vine’s camera has been redesigned, making it even easier for creators to frame their shots. The update includes a grid, the ability to focus, and “ghost tools,” which let you view your previous shot. However, the app is missing one big camera update: the ability to undo the last shot.

Twitter also enhanced the app’s discovery features by adding 15 new channels to submit your post to. These categories include music, nature, comedy, and so on. Each one has its own theme and popular feed, giving creators great new ways to highlight their posts and be discovered on Vine.

Considering Twitter is the original creator of the Retweet, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Vine now has its own version of this sharing tool. Viewers can now share a Vine in their feed with their own followers with the tap on a single button. Functioning quite similarly to Twitter’s retweet, this ability gives you another metric to track outside of Vine views.

Finally, the company has added the ability to control who you share with. This option probably won’t apply to most brands using the app, but it might come in handy for anyone who’s just getting their Vine account up and running. When the app first launched, there were no privacy options — when you shared a Vine, it was public. Now you can decide to only let your followers see your posts by going to Profile > Settings > Your Content.

All of these new features are available now on iOS. Protected posts are also available on Android; however, Android users will have to wait until next week to access the other new features.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: welcometoalville]