Although it’s the newest social tool to hit the industry, Vine has already made quite the name for itself among marketers and consumers alike. We have a feeling that this week’s update will only help to increase its popularity with content creators.

Yesterday Vine updated its app with two important features: front-facing support and mentions. The latter is helpful for community managers as it lets people tag you in their posts. If you’re mentioned, you’ll receive a notification in Activity. Alternately, if you’d like to be the one doing the mentioning, just type @username and select the name among the suggestions.

Once chosen, that person’s Vine profile will automatically link in your post’s caption. There’s nothing remarkable or innovative about this functionality — most social networks support mentions nowadays — but as Vine continues to grow, it could become a valuable source of engagement for brands. It’ll be important that you’re able to track mentions, and more importantly, respond to them (perhaps through your own Vine video).

Front-facing camera support seems fairly basic, but aside from its obvious benefits, it also allows you to switch camera angles mid-Vine. This means that you don’t have to shoot one way throughout the entire six-second video. Now you can mix it up, switching back and forth between the regular and front-facing camera as many times as you’d like. It could also help you add different perspectives to your Vine videos.

The most recent update is a nice follow-up to the one in April, which introduced trending hashtags. Vine appears to be keeping the feature load light, but we think that’s part of the app’s charm — don’t over-complicate a six-second video. If you’re looking to put out something a bit more substantial, check out some of the editing and support tools offered by YouTube and Vine.

The latest version of Vine can be downloaded from the App Store. There’s still no word on when Android users can expect their own app.

[Via: AllTwitter, Image credit: welcometoalville]