Twitter announced that it will begin allowing Vine members to register for vanity URLs for their profiles starting at 2pm EST today. At that time, members with verified accounts will be able to sign in and reserve their preferred web address. All other Vine accounts will get access on Monday, December 23rd.

Vine will automatically reserve profile URLs that mirror verified Twitter @usernames. However, you must still claim the profile URL by registering it. If you’d prefer a profile URL that is different from your Twitter account handle, you can do so assuming it’s not already a verified account on Twitter.

For brands already using Vine, it’s important that you get the name you want in order to maintain a consistent identity across social networks. If you’re BrandXYZ on Facebook and Pinterest, and Brand X on Vine, it could confuse your fans. Verified users should keep that in mind when choosing their URLs today.

However, if you have an unverified URL that you’d like to reserve, Twitter asks that you please send an email to and it will help you to reserve it. Although Vine profiles are optional, keep in mind that once a profile URL is taken it can’t be registered by someone else.

If you’re currently on the fence about integrating Vine into your social strategy, take a look at some of the creative ways brands have used the service in the past.

Dunkin’ Donuts

This past September, Dunkin’ Donuts aired the first-ever TV ad made completely from Vine during a pre game show before Monday Night Football on ESPN. A total of four Vines were aired, each re-creating Vine a marquee play from the first half of a game using Dunkin’ Donut menu items.

The Vines were also shared on Twitter as a way for Dunkin’ Donuts to engage in social conversation about Monday Night Football, seamlessly tying their online and offline presence together. According to the company, each #DunkinReplay Vine delivered as many impressions as a comparable TV spot at a much lower cost.


Tide used Vine to release a creative marketing campaign that was perfectly timed for Halloween. Working with Digitas, the company created several six-second Vines that spoofed classic horror flicks, such as Psycho, Carrie, and The Shining. Stills from the Halloween-themed Vines were also used in roadside digital billboards.

Not only were the Vines timely, but they received a lot of attention from the media as well as consumers. The company had originally planned to create seven Vines in total, but the response was so great that it decided to put a new one out every two days.


After Oreo’s monumental marketing win during the blackout at this year’s Super Bowl, the company has been dubbed something of a social media innovator. Joining shortly after its launch, Oreo has taken to Vine to create several entertaining and timely videos.

In this particular example, the company uses the six-second video to demonstrate how its cookies can be turned into sprinkles. Although the video isn’t showcasing a new product, it gets existing fans excited by introducing a clever way to use its cookies.

Of course, these are just three of the many, many Vine videos that brands have put out since the service launched earlier this year. In 2014, we expect to see a lot more creative videos from businesses, especially now that Twitter has unveiled several new features for Vine and a stronger emphasis on visual media in general. Combined, it makes Vine a pretty natural addition to your marketing toolbox.

[Via, The Next Web, Image credit: welcometoalville]