How to Upload Videos to Instagram Directly From Your Phone’s Gallery

Mobile tools are a must for keeping on top of social media activity, both in and out of the office. In fact, mobile has become a dominant enough force that some networks eschew any desktop version and are mobile-only.

Instagram is one of social’s long-running examples of a mobile-only platform, and that can pose some interesting challenges for businesses. Especially now that videos are becoming as common as still photos, it’s crucial to understand how to correctly get your company’s media files onto its social media profiles.

Here, we’ll walk you through how to upload videos to Instagram from your phone’s gallery. Aside from one feature that’s only built-in for iPhones, these steps are the same regardless of your hardware and operating system preferences.

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1. Allow Instagram Access

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Keep in mind that you’ll need to first make grant Instagram access to your phone’s picture library. Instagram will need to connect to your phone’s photos and microphone in order to correctly display videos. If it’s your first time using Instagram, then you’ll see a window requesting access to the requisite features of your phone. If you don’t have them enabled already, your phone’s Settings program should let you toggle them on. After you’ve set with the proper permissions, log in to Instagram.

2. Select Your Video

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Once you’re on the network, tap the center button on the bottom navigation bar. It’s the one that you’d usually use to snap a photo. From the usual photo screen, tap the icon on the right to switch to video. The icon looks like a stylized video camera.

This interface lets you record new videos, but to upload an existing clip, you’ll need to access your library. That’s found in the small thumbnail image at the bottom right corner of the navigation bar. Once you’ve selected the library, you’ll see all of the video clips currently stored on your phone. Tap the one you want to upload. On an iPhone, you’ll also need to hit ’Next’ from the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

3. Crop and Edit

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Instagram videos can only be 15 seconds long, so unless your clip is already within that time limit, you may need to crop it down.

At the bottom of your screen, you’ll see two horizontal strips. The top one is a blue sliding bar, while the lower one is a video strip of your entire clip. Touch the lower strip and move it left or right to choose where in the sequence you want your video to begin. The blue bar will set the end point. As with the other strip, touch the slider and drag it to the moment where you want the video to stop.

4. Choose a Filter and Cover

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Part of the appeal with Instagram is that, as with your photos, you can add a filter to your video for extra artistic flair. There are separate sets of filters for photos and video, so test them out to find the one that best suits your needs.

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Instagram pulls out some still images from the video for you to choose as the cover frame. Pick the one you want to use for a thumbnail. After this step, you’re ready to share your video as you would with any photo.

In summary:

  • Enable your phone’s Instagram settings
  • In the program, navigate to the video interface
  • Tap the still image
  • Select your video
  • Crop and edit as needed
  • Choose your filter and cover
  • Share with followers