It appears that Twitter is testing a new look for messages and replies on its website. It’s far from a major change, but it could have an impact your followers and improve their listening experience.

The ability to view previous tweets and replies has been available for quite some time, so this isn’t a new functionality. However, it looks like Twitter is making these threaded conversations more visible in the primary timeline — something that could come in handy for customer service.

Discovered by David Higgins, the context for some tweets is now appearing in-stream. Previously you had to click on the tweet and access its expanded view to see the full conversation. Although social media management tools are great for monitoring customer service tweets, this test is more important to your followers who use because it enables them to easily catch up on conversations.

For example, someone might stumble upon a negative tweet about your brand or product during a Twitter search. By displaying threaded conversations more prominently, he or she can easily access the entire conversation instead of a small snippet, which could be taken out of context. Instead of losing a potential customer right off the bat, this person can now make a more informed decision.

Additionally, it could be a convenient way for anyone interested in joining a conversation to do so without having to scroll through their entire timeline to catch up on the dialog. Those participating in Twitter chats on the website, for example, might will appreciate the ease in which they can follow along.

Twitter hasn’t made an official statement about the new look, but from what we can tell it’s being rolled out slowly. We’ll update you if and when more details are released.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: stethoscope]