Your Twitter Profile Now Has a New Look, Here’s Why It’s Better

Messaging is a critical component of your marketing strategy, but selling a product or service on social media requires more than a carefully crafted text update. Rich visuals have become a major player across social networks, especially on Twitter. Photos within tweets have become increasingly beneficial, and now a new profile design has pushed images more into the foreground.

Today Twitter announced a new and improved web profile that features a photo-focused layout. Similar to your Facebook Page, your Twitter Profile now includes a larger header image and more prominent profile picture. While you could already customize your header, as you can see on Michelle Obama’s profile, the image now spans across the entire top portion of the page — as opposed to a smaller box.


As a marketer, this means that you’ll need to prepare a new design for your Twitter Profile. Obviously the specs for header images will change, although Twitter hasn’t released specifics for those quite yet. Additionally, no rules regarding the types of images have been announced, such as text limitations or use of promotional materials. The downside is that you lose the ability to customize your profile’s background.

You’ll also notice that the Photos and Videos section of your profile has taken on a new two-column layout which displays all of the media you’ve shared on the platform. It certainly helps to make this section more engaging. In addition to the design makeover, Twitter has also released some new features that will benefit businesses using the service.


Best Tweets

Now tweets that receive significant amounts of engagement will appear slightly larger on your timeline. As you can see on Kerry Washington’s profile, tweets with high retweet and favorite counts have been enlarged. We should point out that this only applies to your content and not the content of others that you retweet.

While photos and videos help tweets stand out in the main Twitter feed, increasing the size will help text-only posts stand out when followers visit your actual profile. Additionally, this can help you quickly identify tweets that resonate with followers, whether on your own profile or that of a competitor or partner.

Pinned Tweets


Just like pinned post on Facebook Pages, Pinned Tweets anchor one of your tweets to the top of your profile. This is a great way to show visitors what your business is all about, in addition to your bio. For brands, it could also help drive awareness around a Promoted Tweet or hashtag.

By pinning it to the top of your timeline, you’re ensuring that it will be seen every time someone visits your profile. It’s also a good way to draw more attention to noteworthy photos, videos, and special announcements. As of right now, there are no details available regarding time limits, so pinned tweets will remain in position until you remove it.

Filtered Tweets

This features gives you the ability to choose which timeline to view when looking at other profiles. Now you can select from these options: tweets, tweets with photos and videos attached, or tweets and replies. This is a helpful option if you spend a lot of time combing through Twitter feeds. It also enables your visitors to choose what type of content they see from brands. Seeing tweets with replies can be beneficial for customer service purposes, while media alone is great for followers looking to engage.

The new look and features are available today to a small group of members, including film stars @zacefron and @channingtatum, musicians @JohnLegend and @weezer, boxer @FloydMayweather, and the Australian Football League @AFL. The redesign will be rolled out to everyone in the coming weeks; however anyone just signing up will automatically start out with the new profile.