Earlier this summer, Twitter introduced the ability to expand tweets to see content previews, photos, and videos directly within it. Now the company has announced that there are more than 2,000 ways to engage with a tweet.

When expanded tweets, also known as Twitter Cards, initially launched, the company was working with a small group of partners. Twitter has continually added new ones to the program, including Amazon, Fandango, CNN, and the music app Soundcloud.

Amazon has a lot of potential, as it could eventually lead to consumers making purchases directly from tweets. For now, Amazon displays product descriptions, prices, ratings, and reviews. It also offers the option to include the @username of the seller, so buyers can connect with you on Twitter.

Tweets featuring Fandango links will display movie trailers as well as videos of the most popular movies out in theaters right now. CNN is helping to keep voters plugged in during the current presidential campaign. Not only will it display video clips within the tweet, but the news network will also feature live statistics about reactions.

It’s definitely a smart move for Twitter, which will no doubt keep members on the site for longer periods of time. And as new partners come on board and introduce more interactions, it will likely lead to more opportunities for brands to connect with their communities.

[Via: VentureBeat, Image credit: Tom Brandt]