Twitter regularly experiments with new features and improves existing parts of its service, but one thing missing from past updates has been Direct Messages (DMs). That changed yesterday as Twitter began rolling out the ability for members to receive DMs from any of their followers.

Currently, you have to follow someone before they have the ability to send you a Direct Message. This is challenging for accounts with large followings as keeping up with new followers isn’t always easy. It’s also embarrassing for the sender who has to ask to be followed.

Twitter is now changing the rules slightly, allowing each account to enable DMs regardless of whether you decide to follow back. In your settings, a new check box now gives you the option of turning on the ability to receive DMs from anyone who follows your Twitter account.


Although likely designed with brands and businesses in mind — it enables you to receive private messages from your followers, which could be useful for customer service accounts — it could open a door to a lot of spam. If that’s the case, you can update your setting, turning it off or on, at any time.

The feature is “off” by default, so if you would like to enable open season on your Direct Messages, just head to Settings and look under the Account section.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: jimbotfuzz]