A Deep Dive Into Twitter Analytics & Reporting

Whether you’re not satisfied with your current Twitter efforts or just want to improve on what you’re currently doing, collecting and analyzing data is the best way to make changes that matter. In this guide, we’ll look at which metrics to track, how to analyze data and turn it into actionable insights that will move your business forward.

Getting Started With Twitter Analytics

If you’re new to Twitter reporting and analyzing your data, start with the basics. It’s time to get familiar with Twitter dashboards, different metrics meanings and what you should track. These posts will walk you through Twitter analytics fundamentals for your business.

A Deeper Look At the Twitter Metrics You Should Be Tracking

Being active on social media is only half of the equation. For a truly successful social strategy, you have to… Read More

Track the Right Metrics

There are a ton of metrics you can track to measure your Twitter marketing efforts. But not all will be relevant to your brand or goals. Here are some of the most popular and common Twitter metrics you can track.

Why Twitter Engagement Is Essential for Brands Today

Twitter has grown quickly since its inception. With its crisp 140-character limit (since increased to 280), and the variety of… Read More

Get to Know Twitter Engagement

Twitter engagement is one of the top metrics your brand should measure. But there’s some confusion about what counts as engagement. Link clicks? Follows? Replies? We’ll clear all of that up for you in this guide. Here’s everything you need to know about Twitter engagement.

Why a Twitter Dashboard is Critical for Small Businesses

What are your best performing Tweets? How many new followers did you get last month? What days of the week… Read More

Organize Your Data With a Twitter Dashboard

A Twitter dashboard compiles all of your brand’s analytics, publishing and engagement needs all in one central location. It’s a necessity for any brand on Twitter whether you’re a small business or enterprise sized company. Check out Sprout’s Twitter dashboard with a free 30 day trial!

How to Analyze Twitter Data

With a 140-character limit, it’s easy to think of Twitter as a basic platform. But the fact of the matter… Read More

How to Analyze Your Data

Staring a bunch of charts, graphs and numbers doesn’t do you any good if you’re unsure about what you’re looking for. Data is only useful if you know how to act on it. In this post, you’ll learn how to analyze the data you’re collecting and use it to make better business decisions.

Advanced Twitter Analytics

Now that you have the basics down, let’s take a more in-depth look at Twitter analytics. In these posts, you’ll learn about how conduct more precise analysis and go beyond the surface level of your data.

Learn About Who's Following You

Twitter gives you detailed demographics on your followers. This information is helpful to learn more about what type of content to share and how to appeal to your followers. You can also use the data for other marketing channels. The people that follow you on Twitter are a representation of your audience and customers as a whole.

How to Analyze Twitter Followers Effectively

Having thousands of followers is great, but unless you’re able to keep them engaged it’s irrelevant. You need to… Read More

Analyze Your Twitter Hashtags

Twitter is the social network that made hashtags a “thing.” You need to understand how your Twitter hashtags perform and which hashtags people mention alongside your brand. Tracking hashtags will provide you with important details about your Twitter campaigns.

Hashtag analytics 101: Using the best hashtags for your social strategy

When it comes to your company’s social media marketing, hashtags are pretty much an essential part of your content strategy. Read More

How Are Your Tweets Performing?

You’re sending out hundreds or even thousands of Tweets every month. But do you take the time to go back and analyze what worked and what didn’t? Here’s a helpful guide on how to measure the performance of your Tweets.

How to View & Measure Your Tweet Activity

How well are your Tweets performing? Unfortunately a lot of businesses don’t know the answer to this question because they aren’t… Read More

Audit Your Twitter Account

If you can get in the habit of auditing your Twitter profile and activity, you’ll be able to spot trends and opportunities you would’ve otherwise missed. Don’t worry, a Twitter audit doesn’t have to be as painful and excruciating as a tax audit. We’ll show you how to do the entire process in less time than it takes to finish an episode of your favorite Netflix show.

The 20 Minute Twitter Audit

You want to analyze the performance of your Twitter account, but don’t want to spend three hours doing it. You’re… Read More

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