As part of the latest update to Facebook Pages, the company has announced changes to Insights, which will provide you with real-time data. In addition, Facebook has also made public data accessible to your visitors.

Previously, the only data visible to non-admins was the Pages’ total Likes and People Talking About This. Going forward, anyone visiting your Page will also see Most Popular Week, Most Popular City, and Most Popular Age Group.

Additionally, there is also a graph that tracks People Talking About This and New Likes Per Week over a one month period. Pages that are tied to locations offer three more metrics: Photos Tagged Here, Most Visited Week, and Largest Party — which represents the highest number of check-ins at a single time.

Your public data can be accessed by clicking on the Likes tab on your new navigation bar. It appears that these metrics are only visible once you’ve switched to the new Timeline.

In the past, many brands used the number of Likes received to determine their Pages’ success. Now that Facebook has put more emphasis on storytelling, it’s trying to move focus away from growth and on to engagement.

While some marketers might not be happy about publicly displaying this information, it can also be helpful to understand how your competitors are performing on the social network.

[Via: Inside Facebook, Image credit: Alexis Bea Simon]