Facebook this week continued making tweaks to its Promoted Posts product. This test appears to be yet another part of a much larger marketing push for the company. In addition to adding new capabilities and functionality, the social network has also worked to make its Promoted Posts ad unit easier for marketers and advertisers to access.

Part of their appeal is that page owners aren’t required to create campaigns through more complex means, such as the ads create tool or Power Editor. But because they’re so easy to create, it’s even easier to lose track of which one is running when and how long it has left. With that in mind, the latest update is focused on your budget.

In addition to alerting you when a particular post is performing well, Facebook is now sending notifications to Page admins running Promoted Posts when the budgets on those campaigns have reached their end. Discovered by Matteo Gamba of Wimdu, these notifications lead directly to the expired posts when clicked. What’s not clear is whether you can add more funds to the same post and have it run again, or if you’ll have to create a new post to promote.

You can, however, adjust your budget mid campaign. To change the budget for your Promoted Post, go to your Timeline and find the post you’re promoting. At the bottom of the post, click on the Promoted for $x button, and then click on the pencil icon next to Budget. From there, click on the budget drop-down and choose your new budget. The new budget will go into effect immediately. Please note that this is a lifetime budget, and not a daily budget.

Like most tests, we imagine that this functionality is currently limited to a small group of pages. Facebook hasn’t released an official statement, and there’s no word on when it’ll be rolled out to a wider audience. We’ll be sure to update you if anything changes.

[Via: AllFacebook, Image credit: Steve Snodgrass]