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Which Social Media Org Chart is Right for Your Business? 4 Models to Consider

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As a result of social media’s increasingly important role in business growth and success, most executives agree that it’s essential for their company to invest additional resources in social media marketing.

There’s one resource, in particular, that should be at the top of executives’ wishlists: talent.

Social media teams are relatively new compared to other marketing functions, leaving leaders with plenty of questions around how to structure a social team, which roles they should hire and how to pave long-term social career paths.

For this guide, we spoke to social marketing leaders from Kaplan, Cielo Talent and VMware to learn about their social media organizational structures, the responsibilities of different social roles and how team structures support business goals.

In addition to the valuable insights from the experts, this guide highlights:

  • Four unique social media org charts that marketing leaders can use to inspire their own social media department structure
  • Ways in which marketing leaders can help social media marketers navigate their careers
  • Commentary on how specialized roles can take a business to the next level
  • A view into what the future of social teams might look like

Download this guide to build, expand and strengthen a dynamic social media department.

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