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Social Media Team Expansion: Staffing Strategically with Freelancers [Webinar]

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Session time: 1 hour

Drastically changing work trends and evolving consumer needs have left many companies with skill gaps. Join experts from Upwork and Sprout Social to learn how your company can engage talent strategically while maintaining a consistent social presence across growing teams.

You need new hires onboarded quickly, armed with the right tools to represent your brand and deliver a strong customer experience. By staffing strategically, companies can rely more on freelancers as opposed to viewing them as a last resort in their talent strategy. In fact, 38% of businesses plan to significantly increase their usage of remote freelancers in the next 2 years. Social and customer success are the epicenter of how brands market and engage their audience. Hiring the right social media professionals and customer support specialists will be critical to your company’s success.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How the changing workforce impacts the rise of independent talent
  • Why social is critical to your brand voice and customer experience
  • Tips for social media freelancers


David Jungers

Sr. Solutions Engineer Sprout Social

David Jungers is a Senior Solutions Engineer focused on helping brands solve their business objectives by leveraging Sprout’s best in class SmmS platform. When he isn’t working he loves going for walks with his energetic Husky Nikita, visiting new restaurants in Minneapolis and traveling with his fiancée Tara. @DavidJungers

Kirsten Agnello-Dean

Social Media Manager Upwork

Kirsten Agnello-Dean is a seasoned, but not average, Social Media Strategist and Creative Copywriter who cut her teeth in the agency world and has worked with brands of all sizes from B2B, B2C, and CPG. After a successful 10 year freelance career helping clients like Honda Stage, EcoTools, and Beam Suntory up-level their social posts, Kirsten now works in-house at Upwork. For the past three years she’s helped grow their social presence by owning the organic social editorial and employee advocacy strategies. @Kirsten_AD

Sarah Corley

Demand Generation Strategist Sprout Social

Sarah Corley is the Demand Generation Strategist at Sprout Social. When she isn’t rocking the marketing world you’ll find her A) cooking/baking up a storm, B) with her nose in a book, C) wine tasting, D) playing piano or E) all of the above. Sarah’s claim to fame is setting a Guinness World Record when she worked for Nestle Toll House. @srcorley