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The Social Media Productivity Report

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Social media marketers are already at max capacity. But as leadership’s performance expectations rise, their roles and responsibilities will continue to expand. How can social teams maintain a sustainable workload while increasing their impact?

Sprout Social surveyed over 500 social marketers from the US and UK to find out how they work, what tools they use and the effect all of this has on their businesses.

Key findings from the research:

  • 48% of social media marketers feel they sometimes or rarely have enough time to get their work done. Most are grasping for more time to respond to customers, make strategic plans, create content and analyze data.
  • 63% of social media marketers agree manual tasks prevent them from doing high impact work.
  • Almost twice as many social media marketers who use a dedicated social media management platform say their brand’s social efforts contribute significantly to revenue compared to those without.

Download the full report to learn what separates the most effective social teams from the rest, and how you can prepare for the growing demands of social media management.

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