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Reclaim your day with a social media time tracker template

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According to Sprout Social’s Social Media Productivity Report, 63% of social media marketers say manual tasks keep them from doing more meaningful work. You probably know how much time it takes to jump between networks, spreadsheets and email approvals—but does your leadership team?

If you’re looking for a sign to start gathering evidence, this is it. This social media time tracker template will help you measure how much of your day goes to manual tasks.

Use this information to:

  • Paint a clear picture of how much time it takes to complete routine social media management tasks, like content creation, scheduling, engagement and reporting
  • Calculate the amount of time you can save with the help of a robust social media management solution
  • Advocate for the resources you need to do your job more efficiently

Put concrete numbers behind the time that goes into making a high-impact social media strategy, and make a stronger case for more support in 2024. Download the template today.

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