To help provide members with a more personalized experience, Pinterest announced that it will be testing some new features over the coming weeks. In order to achieve this goal, the company introduced personalized suggestions.

Now Pinterest will suggest personalized pins and boards based on websites members visit that have the Pin It button installed. For example, if someone is planning a party and has visited several cooking-related websites recently, Pinterest will try to show him or her more recipe pins or party-related boards.

This isn’t the first time Pinterest has tried to help boost discovery. It already displays related pins, but this feature should make those recommendations even more relevant — in addition to helping members find new boards to follow. It has also given Pinterest an opportunity to publicly announce its support for Do Not Track.

Do Not Track allows consumers to opt-out of having their personal data and browsing activity tracked by websites and third parties. The technology blocks cookies that collect this information as well as the cookies left on their computers by third parties for advertising purposes.

Pinterest enabled the feature two weeks ago, according to its help center, but it wasn’t announced publicly until this weekend. This is an important move for Pinterest and consumers that want to protect their privacy because until now, Twitter was a the only other social network to support the Do Not Track initiative.

Another feature the company plans to roll out soon is the new Edit Your Home Feed button. This makes following and unfollowing boards easier than ever. Although businesses might not use the feature, it’s important to be aware of because if you’re not sharing quality pins, your followers can unfollow with just a click.

For more information about Pinterest’s personalized pins and Do Not Track, we recommend that you visit the company’s Help Center or updated privacy policy. If you have a personal Pinterest profile, you can change your account settings at any time.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: Ginny]