Today Twitter released another update for its iOS and Android apps that makes it easier and faster to find what you’re looking for. The update also ties in nicely with the recently released ability to view older tweets in search results.

While finding content on Twitter isn’t exactly difficult, it can be challenging to narrow down your search or find a specific piece of content. With today’s update, search queries for specific keywords will return a “Top Tweet” result — something Twitter claims is based on relevance and engagement.

If the search results are getting warmer, you can also view more tweets from this time period by tapping on “View more from this time.” To see a good example of this functionality in action, try searching for “four more years” from an updated app.

Twitter also introduced a couple of features specifically for its iOS apps. For starters, when you open a link from a tweet in your timeline, you’ll see that tweet displayed at the bottom of the app’s built-in web browser. This not only provides additional context of the page you’re viewing but it also makes it easier to retweet, favorite, or reply to the tweet as you’re consuming content.

The company has also improved its autocomplete suggestions so when you’re searching on Twitter or composing a tweet, you’ll see more hashtag, topic, and username suggestions as you type. Additionally, autocomplete suggestions will be updated more frequently.

While these updates are beneficial to everyone, community managers — especially iPhone-owning CMs — might appreciate them more. Whether you’re searching for engagement around a past hashtag campaign, or when timing is crucial when replying to a customer service request, today’s updates will certainly help you get the job done.

[Image credit: laogooli]