Facebook continues to make mobile Pages more functional for both businesses and consumers. Following a Yelp-like redesign in April, Facebook is expanding the features and information Pages provide for the more than 800 million people who access the social network on a mobile device.

Starting today, consumers using their mobile devices are able to make reservations through a restaurant’s Facebook Page. The company partnered with OpenTable and will soon offer customers a new way of discovering and booking their dining experiences.

This integration will be available on the mobile Pages of restaurants that support OpenTable in the U.S. If this idea sounds familiar, that’s because it is — Foursquare has offered a similar service for months. Regardless of whether the reservation initiates from Foursquare or Facebook, restaurants that participate let their diners skip the extra step of visiting another website.

Facebook is also making it easier for consumers to find TV shows and movies. For people who use iOS, the social network will begin displaying TV listing information on U.S. primetime TV and movie Pages. Listings will be based on current time zones and include the channel name, air time, and a description of the show or movie.

Additionally, the company has integrated hashtag support further into its iOS app. You and your fans can now search for hashtags as well as tap on them directly to discover conversations around topics. With so many people using Facebook’s mobile app, these are extremely valuable updates that businesses can certainly benefit from.

For businesses, both the OpenTable and TV listing features will update automatically; there’s no additional sign-up or registration required. While the reservation feature is available on iOS and Android, TV listings are limited to iOS for the time being.

[Image credit: Jason A. Howie]