Being active on LinkedIn isn’t always about connecting with customers and industry colleagues. Several businesses use the platform to attract new talent, and nowadays a lot of that interaction is happening on mobile. In fact, the company estimates that more than 30 percent of members who view jobs on the social network come from mobile devices.

With that in mind, LinkedIn is making it easier for job seekers and businesses to connect with a new update for iOS and Android devices. Previously, an individual could save a job found from a mobile device, but he or she would have to return to LinkedIn’s website to apply for it. In some cases, it could be hours or days before that person returned, and by then the position might be filled.

Starting today, members are able to apply for jobs through LinkedIn’s mobile apps with the option of submitting their LinkedIn Profile instead of uploading a resume. You can still request that interested individuals apply through your website, but if you’d prefer to cut out the extra step, members will be given the option of editing their profile so they can make sure it’s up to date.

Currently this ability is rolling out to English-speaking LinkedIn members who have the latest version of the iOS or Android app installed. On the business side, not much will change — except for a potentially higher volume of applications to sort through. Additionally, we recommend making sure that any position listed with the site is accurate and up to date.

Last month, LinkedIn introduced the “Jobs you might be interested in” section on mobile, and it appears to have been a success. According to LinkedIn, many members checked out jobs on mobile that had never before used the functionality on its website. If this trend continues, the social network will not only increase its value for job seekers, but for recruiters and HR departments as well.

[Via: VentureBeat, Image credit: Florian]