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Building Your Social Media Team [Free Hiring Manager Toolkit]

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Social media management is an integral part of any brand’s marketing plan, and as the value of social continues to rise, many social teams are expanding.

Overall, hiring is a partnership between human resources, recruiting, hiring managers and their team. That collaboration is key to hiring efficiently and effectively. However, hiring managers have a unique role in the process. A hiring manager for social media roles will work closely with the new hire, create interview questions and plans, and have the final say on who to hire. And then they’ll also lead the new hire through the onboarding process.

Whether you’re a social media manager looking for additional support or a marketing leader hiring their first social media role, this hiring manager toolkit will help guide you through the process from start to finish. It includes:

  • Hiring manager tips and best practices
  • Interview questions
  • An interview scorecard template
  • Assessment examples
  • An onboarding checklist

Not only will this toolkit help you as a hiring manager, but it will also ensure that your candidates have the best experience possible. Happy hiring!

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