Some of the highest value activity you can employ on social media is to engage in great conversations with your target audience. However, it’s a great idea to occasionally augment that activity with very specific conversations around holidays, or even to pay to have your conversations seen by a wider audience through social advertising. Our features this week dive deep into the nuances of both of those strategies.

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How to Do Holidays on Social Media Right

Loyola Universiry Chicago Social Holiday Campaign

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Every time a holiday or big event rolls around, we see companies trying to make holiday social-media tie-ins that can range from successful to strange. While it’s easy to make social blunders by trying to appropriate a holiday into a promotion, this doesn’t mean you need to stay quiet during any holiday season. As long as you know the holiday and your customer base, you can jump into the holiday chatter without making a mess — whether it’s Valentine’s Day this week or something else. [ Read More… ]

Should Advertising Be Part of Your Social Media Strategy?


Anyone familiar with traditional advertising campaigns knows that advertising can be expensive. However, in the realm of social media, where you’re often investing time as much as money, you might not think about paid advertising at all. But using advertising on social networks can push your social success to new heights by making sure more people — both new customers and existing customers — see the content you’re already producing.

“When you post an update to your Facebook Page, on average it gets seen by only 16% of your page Likes,” says Debbie Horovitch, Producer, Author, Speaker, Trainer, and Consultant who’s currently working on Celebrity Hangouts on Air. Facebook’s attempts to serve only the most relevant content to its users means that business posts often get cut out of the mix.

“The only way to boost your reach is to ensure your content is ‘high quality’ or advertise to reach more of your audience,” says Joe Calderone of Calderone Marketing. Social networks — especially Facebook — are as much paid advertising platforms as they are free social networks, but that’s not bad news for your business. A modest investment in social advertising can put you on the top of social charts, with new followers, more engagement, and conversions from social followers to clients. [ Read More… ]

[Image credits: Nina Matthews, Loyola University Chicago, mkhmarketing]