It’s Twitter Tip Tuesday — every Tuesday we’ll focus on one Twitter Tip and show you how to integrate it into your social media strategy. This week we show you how to use Twitter’s own resources to keep abreast or the latest changes and updates to Twitter.

At Sprout Insights, we vigilantly bring you the most up to date news and information available in the world of Twitter. However, this landscape changes frequently, and some of the topics we cover have a number of optional moving parts that may or may not be right for everyone. Often, we choose stories, angles, tactics and techniques that appeal to the greatest number of businesses in our target audience.

To keep up with the sum total of Twitter information and resources, it might be worthwhile to keep Twitter itself on your radar. For example, did you know the company has a blog? Did you know that if you have a problem on Twitter you can create a support ticket? Here’s a summary of the resources Twitter has available, along with how and where to access them.

Summary of Twitter Resources

Twitter's own Resources

We’ve covered a number of topics based on Twitter resources, like how to use Twitter Widgets and Promoted Tweets. But if you look down to the bottom left corner of your Twitter profile, just below the Twitter Trends, you’ll see a white box with links to all of Twitter’s resources. We recommend that you peruse all of the topics, but some of the resources you should pay special attention to include:

Help: This topic links to Twitter’s Support Page. Here you can get additional information about Twitter basics, report spam accounts, or create a support ticket if you need help with a variety of Twitter problems.

Terms: Be sure to regularly check Twitter’s Terms of Service because like any service, these terms are subject to change from time to time! This section will let you know exactly what’s permitted and what’s not on the site, as well as what your rights and responsibilities are as a member of the Twitter community.

Status: Has this ever happened to you? You try to upload an image on Twitter and it fails. Before you freak out and start tweeting to your friends to see if they’re experiencing the same thing, check Twitter’s Status section. Here, you’ll find a list of issues currently affecting Twitter with updates on when and how the issues will be resolved.

Resources: This link contains information, policies and official graphics for individuals and businesses wanting to use Twitter’s logo. For example, Twitter has recently changed its trademarked Twitter bird graphic. Read this section thoroughly to make sure you’re in adherence to Twitter’s policies if you’re using this logo in your promotional material.

Advertisers: This section contains the most detailed and accurate information about advertising on Twitter. You can fill out the fields on the main page to get recommendations as to what advertising products might be right for you. If you’re already an advertiser with Twitter, you can also use a link in this section to access your advertising account.

The other links and sections also provide a wealth of information and resources. These online documents can help you familiarize or deepen your understanding of Twitter, whether you’re using Twitter for personal or business purposes.

Come on, tell the truth. Did you know that Twitter put all of this information at your disposal? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.