On Twitter, it’s relatively easy to see who you are following; if you see someone’s tweets in your tweetstream, chances are you’re following that person (unless it’s a retweet or you’ve searched on a hashtag). However, it’s not so obvious to determine whether or not someone is following you when a tweet shows up in your timeline.

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How to Tell if Someone is Following You

To find out if someone is following you, first click on their Twitter name in your tweetstream.

Next, the full profile of the person you just clicked on will appear in the right hand column of your Twitter homepage. Don’t be thrown off if you see a green button with check mark that says “Following” — this simply appears if you are following that person.

Look just to the right and if you see a small, envelope icon, this means that you can send a direct message to that tweeter. If you have the permission to send a direct message to someone, by default it means that he or she is following you. Note that certain celebrities and brands now have the ability to receive a direct message without having to follow you first — but these special circumstances are still relatively rare. Conversely, if you don’t see an envelope icon, it definitely means that the person is not following you on Twitter.

Why is This Important?

Interaction on Twitter is often best when it’s a two way street. In other words, if you’re following someone and seeing his or her tweets show up in your tweetstream, it’s nice to know that your tweets are showing up in that person’s timeline as well. By using the method described in this article, at least you’ll have a more complete picture of the people you’re interacting with on Twitter.

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