Take Your Content Marketing to the Next Level With Vine

There’s a lot of pressure on marketers today when it comes to content marketing. Not only are you tasked with creating campaigns that resonate and provide value, but also spread through shares, likes, retweets, and so on. As such, user-generated content has become increasingly important for brands, especially on video platforms like Vine.

While content creation, particularly video production, can demand a considerable amount of resources, that’s not the case for Vine videos. The service is structured around a low-tech approach, making the barrier to entry almost nonexistent. As a result, Vine is perfect for attracting, collecting, and displaying user-generated content.

Here are a couple inspiring examples of how brands are incorporating user-generated content into their Vine campaigns.



No stranger to brilliant social campaigns, Fanta recently partnered with influential Vine personalities to co-create a weekly digital comedy series consisting entirely of Vine videos. The campaign, titled “Fanta for the Funny,” rolled out on August 15th and will release one new episode every Friday for six weeks on CollegeHumor.com.

“It was a seamless tie-in with Fanta’s ‘Less Series’ attitude,” explained Racquel Mason, assistant vice president of Fanta and Flavors. “We saw that teens were already creating humorous content on their own Vine pages, and this partnership gave us the opportunity to give them the stage to take their comedy to the next level of awareness.”

According to the agency 360i, which also partnered on the campaign, teens are interacting with Vine at twice the rate of other audiences in search of humor, entertainment, and creativity. As such, the episodes will focus on topics that teens and young adults care about — like music, sports, and relationships.

What’s ingenious about this campaign is that Fanta is sponsoring user-generated content, but not specifically using the product in the content. Viewers are also encouraged to create their own Vine clips using the hashtag #FantaForTheFunny. While building content around your product is one thing, finding creative ways of incorporating it into content created by others isn’t always easy. If done incorrectly, product placement can feel forced and turn off viewers.

Through this strategic approach, Fanta is creating awareness for the brand and appealing to its target audience without using heavily branded material. This choice paid off. According to the company, its “Fanta for the Funny” promotional Vine generated more than 385,000 loops and 1,400 likes in its first three days — that’s 24 times the engagement of any other Fanta branded Vine video. Additionally, it has generated more than three million impressions on Twitter.


There’s a lot of opportunity for home improvement brands on social media, and Lowe’s has found its sweet spot. With help from its agency BBDO, the brand leveraged its “Never Stop Improving” campaign through Vine to turn its best how-to tips into shareable and fun-to-watch videos.

As one of the first brands to use Vine as a marketing platform, the company has received a lot of praise for its #LowesFixInSix series. Using an iPhone and stop-motion photography, Lowe’s created a dozen six-second Vines featuring useful tips for do-it-yourselfers. Through seasonally relevant videos, this campaign helped position Lowe’s as a source for home improvement even in a crowded social media landscape.

Since the campaign’s launch, it has achieved 15 million earn impressions and many thousands of social mentions. Now the company is encouraging its followers, and even its employees to submit their #FanFixInSix ideas for the series. Some of the submissions have already been turned into popular Vines, garnering nearly 182,000 loops.

By crowdsourcing additional tips, the brand’s message is amplified through revines, shares and retweets. The videos are already valuable on their own, but once a customer sees that his or her tip has been turned into a Vine, that person will further Lowe’s reach by sharing the video with his or her network.

With more than 40 million users creating thoughtful and engaging content, Vine is the perfect platform for debuting a user-generated campaign. Even if you’d rather focus on branded content, there are several powerful use cases for Vine that you can explore.