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How To Make Better Business Decisions Using VoC Data

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Think for a moment about your favorite brands. The ones that stand out for their creativity. The ones that are constantly innovating. The ones with loyal followers and fans. The ones that aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo.

Across industries, those best-in-class brands share a key differentiator: They listen to the voice of the customer (VoC) to make strategic, data-driven business decisions.

VoC is a term used to describe feedback from or about your customers’ expectations and experiences with your product, service or brand. Ultimately, it’s a way to learn what your customers really think.

Effective VoC programs use a combination of methods and tools to collect and analyze feedback from your customers. Traditional approaches to VoC research, like surveys and feedback forms, remain essential—but there are opportunities to dig even deeper, and you can seize them with social listening.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to harness VoC data to confirm or reject assumptions about your customers and to use real-time data to influence:

  • Customer experience and relationships
  • Brand and reputation management
  • Market and competitive intelligence
  • Product management and development
  • Culturally relevant, timely marketing initiatives

Seize the opportunity to make better data-driven, customer-centric decisions for your business. Download this guide and start leveraging the voice of your customer today.