6 Good Vine Ideas for Creative Social Media Marketing

Creativity can truly flourish under limitations. That may seem like a paradox, but in the few years brands have had to experiment with Vine’s six-second looping videos, we’ve seen tons of innovative ideas. In fact, the imaginative spirit of Vine has made the network a valuable accompaniment to any social media marketing strategy.

Need a little inspiration to kick-start your own six-second genius? Here are some tips for good Vine ideas, as illustrated by a few of the network’s most successful brands.

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1. Partner Up for Extra Power

One of the biggest tools in a marketer’s arsenal is the possibility for a celebrity endorsement. Partnerships on any social media network mean a bigger audience for your content. Vine is no different. Burt’s Bees worked with Us The Duo to create musical Vine videos that show off the company’s various personal care products. Working with the pair not only gives the brand a face, but it also means that Burt’s Bees and Us The Duo will regularly share each other’s work.

2. Know Your Pop Culture

Prove that your brand has a sense of the zeitgeist. Samsung, for instance, promoted its Gear S smartwatch with a Vine video demonstrating its GPS navigational abilities. That would be a simple enough Vine ad, but the company took it a step further by making the video a stop-motion that mimics the look of 8-bit video games. The charmingly retro style shows off Samsung’s fun side.

Ford also took a well-known activity from fairs everywhere and turned it into a Vine promotion. Check out this goofy riff on Whack-A-Mole that Ford made to show off its cars.

3. Make a Deeper Connection Through Art

It takes a lot of setup for live filming to look great. That’s why many brands choose to take a more artistic approach to their Vine clips, trying everything from animation to paper crafts to stop-motion. Not only are these whimsical art styles a good fit for the Vine network, but they also let brands make a challenging subject more approachable. For instance, ExxonMobil made an artistic Vine to encourage electric bill savings.

And Bank of America made a goofy animation of the ingredients that go into making a sweet credit score.

4. Educate Your Viewers

Six seconds seems short, but you can pack a lot of information into that timeframe with a little ingenuity. Making a tutorial that’s clear and effective within the Vine’s limits will make your video stand out. The trick to success with an informative Vine is to have a subject that can be pared down to just a few, very visual steps. For instance, you can find a successful recipe for carrot ginger soup — but probably not for a full Thanksgiving dinner.

Lowes also tapped the power of animation for a DIY purpose. The company’s #lowesfixinsix campaign has lots of looping videos with simple and educational home improvement tips (bolstered by a little added humor).

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5. Be Timely

So many big social media wins involve smart takes on what’s on the calendar. Vine’s brevity seems appropriate for seasonal campaigns, which often require inventive visuals to stand out from the crowd. Best Buy nailed the return to classes this fall with its #HackToSchool campaign. The company tapped into the DIY attitude that many of its shoppers would appreciate and created Vines of interesting life hacks for students to try.

The winter holidays also have lots of potential. Case in point: Oreo’s charming New Year’s Eve Vine.

6. Put Your Best Face(s) Forward

Your company’s best assets aren’t money or merchandise: they’re your people. Showing people in your Vines will boost your chances of connecting with a viewer who’s randomly scrolling past. Catalina Island Marine Institute has an active Vine account, and the clips it shares are mostly focused on its students and teachers.

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One video shows kids blindfolded and trying to navigate by echo location, as dolphins do. This is a brilliant Vine, because it shows the kids learning (and looking just a little silly) while piquing viewers’ interests in marine biology as well as the institute.

As you can tell, creating a stellar six-second Vine video may take some time. So get your team together — and get started now.