Following a test in Canada earlier this month, Facebook is rolling out voice calls for iPhone users in the U.S.

VoIP calls were introduced alongside voice messages, offering you a faster way to communicate with friends and industry colleagues. The added layer of convenience allows you to contact a Facebook friend even if you don’t have his or her phone number.

Available through the standalone Messenger app for iOS, voice calls can be made by tapping the “i” button in the top right corner of a conversation. While free to use, VoIP calls will count against your existing data plan if you’re not using a Wi-Fi connection.

The call can be placed over either Wi-Fi or cellular data connections — making it convenient to get in touch with someone if you’re in a location with poor cell reception. If the person you’re calling has the Facebook Messenger app installed, he or she will receive a push notification and can accept the call.

It still appears that this feature is limited to Facebook Profiles, not Pages. And unfortunately, android users are limited to sending voice messages, which let you record where you’d traditionally type a message.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Veronica llaria]