Kantar Media, which offers a range of media insights and audience measurement services, performed a study in which it ranked the top 250 websites for the month of August. According to the study, Twitter received 26.6% of its traffic from Facebook.

This new metric represents more than the combined total for Google and Yahoo. Of the outgoing referrals from Facebook 1.22% were to Twitter. Alternately the same cannot be said for Facebook. Only 0.37% of the social network’s incoming traffic was referred from Twitter.

Both platforms hit all-time unique-visitor highs in August. Facebook reached 155.8 million, which is a 4% increase from July. Twitter saw 36.5 million, a significant increase of 12.7% compared to July.

Another noteworthy mention is that traffic referrals from Facebook accounted for nearly 14% of MTV.com’s traffic. However, unlike Twitter, Facebook benefited with nearly 19% of MTV.com’s visitors going to Facebook.

In the unlikely case that you’re not implementing either social platform into your marketing or advertising strategies, it’s worth keeping an eye on the site’s monthly metrics and referral traffic. That data will come in handy to determine where you should spend your advertising dollars.

Kantar Media received its information through Compete PRO Enterprise edition of Compete.com – a website that monitors and provides information on traffic history.

[Image credit: Nayu Kim]