In an effort to make online shopping easier, Facebook is beginning to roll out a feature that will allow members to log in to an e-commerce site with their Facebook profiles and pay with credit card information stored on the platform.

First announced in August, the social network began testing its mobile payments platform with a closely-tied partner, Thrillist’s JackThreads. The company was a good match for the test because of its audience’s interest in video games — many gamers have already handed over their credit card data to Facebook.

According to AllThingsD, Facebook is now slowly making the product public. Through a partnership with PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree, an “Autofill with Facebook” button will appear on JackThreads’ and Mosaic’s iOS apps starting this week and in other mobile shopping apps in the near future.

With this functionality, a consumer can tap the button and import payment information already stored within Facebook into the app he or she is using. This makes it much more likely that this person will complete a sale — the more steps there are, the less likely a customer is to complete the conversion process.

Essentially Facebook is making it easier to find new customers. The social network can now pitch advertisers on the fact that Facebook Ads can be used to drive new customers to mobile purchases, which are easier than ever to complete. The tricky part will be convincing consumers (non-gamers) that it’s safe to store their credit card data with Facebook.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Chris Potter]