While there is a variety of social media tools available, a recent study revealed that small business owners are still favoring Facebook and LinkedIn for marketing and sales campaigns.

More than 1,000 small business owners were polled by social media marketing firm iContact. The company studied how the owners used and rated Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Groupon.

Results show that Facebook was the most highly rated among all of the platforms with a 75% approval rating. It’s worth noting that businesses in the travel and tourism industry rated Facebook at 90%. But while the social network led by approval, one in four of the businesses surveyed admitted to not using social media at all.

LinkedIn came in second with a 63% approval rating. Specifically 84% of businesses with annual revenues higher than $25 million favored the professional networking platform.

Twitter received an overall approval rate of 56%; however, the microblogging platform fared the best amongst businesses involved in government and politics with an almost 80% approval rating. With so many political candidates hopping on board, this statistic shouldn’t be a surprise.

The newest addition to the social media toolbox, Google+, rated only 48%. We suspect that this is due to the fact that Google hasn’t opened its platform up to businesses yet. Once brands are able to create profiles on Google+, it’s fair to assume that this rating will increase.

Groupon received the least amount of love from the small businesses that were surveyed. The daily deals site received a 30% approval rating. While it’s not clear what questions were asked, it’s possible that Groupon received such a low score due to the fact that it’s not a consistent form of social media engagement.

Most business owners know who the big players are among social media tools, even if you’re not currently active on the platforms. With that said, if you’re still debating on which services to utilize, it’s worth putting some more focus on tools like Facebook and LinkedIn.

[Disclaimer: Sprout Social has financial ties to Groupon.]

[Via: AllTwitter, Image credit: Owen Brown]