Facebook Insights is getting a makeover, marking the first time the interface has been updated since October 2011. A small, random group of beta testers will get access to the new desktop design today, followed by a broader rollout at a later date.

Something the social network is addressing in this update is giving businesses a better sense of what is and isn’t working on their Facebook Pages. To make this happen, Facebook is consolidating some of its metrics and expanding others. Let’s take the People Talking About This metric, which combines things like people Liking a Page, commenting on a post, or checking in to a business.

While that metric includes a lot of interesting individual components, some Page owners have found it difficult to track reach and engagement individually. So instead of combining everything into one metric, Facebook will separate them into their own measurements. This makes it much easier to see what kind of posts have better reach or more positive engagement than others.

Additionally, you can now look at a single card to see how well an individual post is performing. Facebook will now aggregate all of the positive (Likes, comments, shares, clicks) and negative (hiding a post, unLiking a page, reporting as spam) interactions around your post. Previously you had to look at different pieces under multiple tabs. This should help to improve the experience and make the process a little less time-consuming.

And finally, Facebook added a new report for People Engaged, which displays demographic and geographic data for people who Liked your Page, as well as all the members who have engaged with your content. Not only will this help you better understand the audience you’re already reaching, but it might help you define a new one.

Facebook hopes that these changes will enable you to create better, more engaging content which can then be promoted with its ad products. Once the testing period is complete, the company will roll out the new Insights to other Pages. However, Gayln Burke, a product marketing manager for Facebook, couldn’t confirm whether that would happen before the end of the year.

[Via: TechCrunch, Image credit: Victor1558]