This week Foursquare announced that people who send check-ins to their Facebook Accounts will now be able to see them on their Facebook Timeline maps.

The Timeline map displays all of the places members have visited by either checking in to a nearby location or adding a life event to Timeline.

Previously, the map could only see check-ins made through Facebook or Instagram. Moving forward, it will also include check-ins shared by Foursquare as well. Additionally, any check-ins made prior to the update have been retroactively added.

It seemed like many customers were having to check-in twice to a location for it to register on the map on both platforms. This update has simplified the process, hopefully encouraging more check-ins in the future.

While the integration mostly benefits individuals, restaurants and local businesses now have a more permanent residence on customers’ Timelines. Early tweets suggest that the integration has been well received by both user bases.

[Via: Mashable, Image credit: Scott Beale]