Over the weekend, Facebook integrated yet another new feature into its mobile app.

Find Friends Nearby, which shows you other people near your location, aims to speed up the process of “friending” someone who’s, you guessed it, nearby.

This feature could come in handy at networking events and conferences. For example, if you meet someone named John Smith, you won’t have to weed through dozens of incorrect matches as Find Friends Nearby will pull up the Facebook Profile of the person standing in front of you.

Prior to this feature, connecting with someone on Facebook could be a challenge, especially for anyone with a common name.

“Before, you would need to tell them your name, probably spell it for them, and then depending on how common your name is, you’d have to tell them which of the results is actually you,” explained developer Roger Pincombe.

However, for this feature to work, both users must be logged into Facebook and have the feature turned on. It can be accessed through Facebook’s iOS and Android apps by opening the menu and tapping Apps > Find Friends > Find Friends Nearby. Additionally, you can also access it on your mobile web browser by visiting www.fb.com/ffn.

While Find Friends Nearby does have a convenience factor, it also poses a privacy risk — if you don’t want to be found, don’t turn on the feature. Facebook hasn’t officially announced it yet, which suggests that the social network is still tweaking the feature.

[Via. TechCrunch, Image credit: Stefan Andrej Shambora]