Now that the dust has somewhat settled around Apple’s big iPhone 5 announcement, other manufacturers are creeping in on the spotlight — especially Research In Motion (RIM).

This week, the company showed off some of the apps that will accompany the upcoming BlackBerry 10, most notably, Facebook.

Facebook for BlackBerry 10 will finally bring Timeline to the device. Although iOS and Android users have had Timeline for a few months now, BlackBerry apps are often left behind in terms of features. The new app will also include a significantly faster News Feed, drop-down menus, and peek functionality, bringing the BlackBerry app more in line with iOS and Android versions.

Unfortunately the downside is that unlike iOS and Android, RIM is developing this app itself. This has led to some technical difficulties during the presentation, in which (according to TechCrunch) the app crashed and also failed to update.

Still, despite the lack in features and rocky year, BlackBerry continues to be a popular phone for businesses to share with employees. But if you’re trying to manage your Facebook Page from it, you’ll have to hang on a while longer. Facebook for BlackBerry is set to launch in early 2013. And at that point, who knows where Facebook for iOS and Android will be.

[Via: The Next Web, Image credit: Shane Adams]